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About Carolina

Hello there, my name is Carolina and I am the founder of Yogaleena Studio & Boutique. I want to personally welcome you to our lovely hOMe and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this yoga studio and community.

I fell in love with yoga 11 years ago when I was juggling a stressful corporate job, an MBA program at Georgetown University, and all of the messy emotions of being a single gal in my 20s. I desperately needed a place to unwind, breathe, and figure out what the heck I really wanted for myself. I took my first yoga class at Tranquil Space in D.C. with a mixture of skepticism and excitement (and hope I’d at least get Madonna arms for the $20 I paid at the door).

To be honest, it wasn’t love at first breath – the poses were strange, I felt silly chanting “OM”, and the dude next to me sounded like he was halfway through a marathon. But there was something about the space and the teachers, the aromatherapy during savasana, the hands-on-assists, the music, and the beautiful quotes that were read at the end, that made me feel at ease, warm, and loved….and I kept coming back.

Over time, the practice made me feel strong, balanced, and confident. My mind started to clear, my creativity came back to life, and I found myself taking everything a little less seriously. So, not to be overly dramatic, but yoga kinda changed my life.

From those early days on my mat at Tranquil Space, I started playing with the idea of opening my own yoga studio so that I could share this amazing practice with pretty much anyone willing to give it a shot. And here we are today, almost a decade later, you and I and a community of yogis practicing, chatting, and giggling away in a lovely yogi nook on S. Shepherd Drive. Holy moly, I guess dreams do come true!

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, for coming to your mat even when you don’t freakin’ feel like it, and for sharing your brightness with us at Yogaleena.