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108 Sun Salutations to Welcome Summer

If you live in Houston, it’s probably felt like summer since April. Nevertheless, the true summer solstice is Monday, June 20th, and we’re planning to celebrate it with a whole lotta sun salutations. 108 to be exact. Why 108, you ask? I asked the same thing when I first heard this was considered a sacred […]

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“I goal you” to join us Friday, June 3rd!

Hey there yogis, mark your calendars for our first ever igolu & Yoga workshop on Friday, June 3rd! Say whaaaa? igolu, pronounced I-Goal-You, is a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting and leadership training work that will help you get crystal clear about what you really want (in all aspects of life) and provide a systematic […]

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Mom & Daughter Yogaleenis

Few things are sweeter than having a mom-daughter pair in my yoga classes, and lucky for me, the Cerdedo and Brashier ladies show up pretty regularly to brighten my day! In honor of Mother’s Day, I asked these four lovelies to share a little bit about their practice and their relationships, here’s what they had […]

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Intro to Meditation with Stacey Ramsower Friday Night

Meditation has become a sort of buzz word over the past few years. Athletes, artists, even Howard Stern say they rely on a daily meditation practice to stay sane and perform their best, and the number of studies on the benefits of getting even 5 minutes of meditation in per day are piling up rather quickly. And yet, […]

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Q&A with my Creative Hero

Is it just me or has April flown by? In any case, with one more week left to celebrate creativity, I wanted to introduce you to someone who is not only a legit artist, but more importantly, a true embodiment of what I call creative living. He also happens to be my bro-in-law and one […]

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8 Simple Steps to Ignite your Creativity

Happy rainy Monday, friends! I hope you’ve been getting a bit more curious about your creative side so far this month. If you’ve been meaning to but still not sure how exactly to invite your inner artist out, I have a few tips for you. Try these 8 simple steps to give your right brain a jump-start: Set aside […]

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OMG! Jessica Dodington Joins Yogaleena.

OMG! As in “OooooMmmm” Goddess, Jessica Dodington, is joining the Yogaleena teaching tribe this April. If you’ve never taken her deliciously flowy classes, you’re in for a treat. Read through her bio below and sign up for her first class this Friday at 9:30am ASAP.  You won’t regret it! JESSICA DODINGTON Jessica is native of St. […]

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seeing with new eyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes.” Have you ever been driving along an empty-ish highway and found yourself at one point or another “waking up” at the wheel with no recollection of what scenery you passed by or any idea of how long you […]

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Alright stop, collaborate, and listen

Unless you live on a deserted island or a dreamy country cottage far away from where real life typically takes place, you’re surrounded by noise. People chatting, the news streaming from a nearby TV, someone’s music blasting through their headphones, traffic, honks, trains, construction, dogs barking…you get the idea. It’s no wonder the voice in […]

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