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The Yogaleena Challenge: It’s Go Time!

The Yogaleena Challenge Kicks Off THIS Sunday! Haven’t signed up yet? NBD. You can register HERE to participate for free and/or join us for coffee at the studio THIS Sunday T 10:45am as we go over the challenge details! In the event you can’t make it (or are still debating to sign up), here is […]

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The BEST gift ever

Hello lovely, happy December! I don’t know about you, but these holiday sales and decor around town have gotten me thinking about gifts, gifts, and more gifts…and that’s precisely what’s inspired this month’s newsletter Although I do love me some shopping, that’s not what I’m going to talk about here. Instead, I want to focus on a much more important […]

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Recipes from our Nutrition Workshop!

If you missed our nutrition workshop last weekend, you can get a taste of what we learned by trying the tasty recipes Lara shared on your own.  Cheers to deliciously healthy meals! Turmeric Tea Simple Turmeric Tea Recipe Ingredients 1 tsp cinnamon pinch of clove pinch of nutmeg tsp fresh ginger (optional) pinch of fresh […]

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Einstein’s Dreams

When I selected “freedom” as the theme of the month for July, I immediately thought about a short story I read years ago in a book called Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman. Its message is simple and powerful, the delivery subtle yet haunting. I loved it so much that I took the time to re-write it […]

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108 Sun Salutations to Welcome Summer

If you live in Houston, it’s probably felt like summer since April. Nevertheless, the true summer solstice is Monday, June 20th, and we’re planning to celebrate it with a whole lotta sun salutations. 108 to be exact. Why 108, you ask? I asked the same thing when I first heard this was considered a sacred […]

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OMG! Jessica Dodington Joins Yogaleena.

OMG! As in “OooooMmmm” Goddess, Jessica Dodington, is joining the Yogaleena teaching tribe this April. If you’ve never taken her deliciously flowy classes, you’re in for a treat. Read through her bio below and sign up for her first class this Friday at 9:30am ASAP.  You won’t regret it! JESSICA DODINGTON Jessica is native of St. […]

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how do you know you’re ready?

Making big, bold changes can be exhilarating and magical…and I can tell you from my very recent experience with this, also pretty terrifying! No matter how prepared you think you are, the question “am I really ready” will creep its way into your thoughts and stop you in your tracks if you don’t have a […]

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What you want is not always what you need

Truth! For all the planning, visualizing, dreaming, and praying I have done in my life to get exactly what I think I want, rarely have things turned out the way I originally wished. Thank goodness! Without fail, after time has done it’s thing and I’ve had the chance to reflect, I have realized I’ve gotten […]

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