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30 Days of Self-Care Challenge!

Date: Oct 2 – Nov 17
Want to enter a raffle to win one of Yogaleena’s signature hand-made, one-of-a-kind meditation pillows? All you have to do is treat yo’self right for 30 days! This includes making yourself a meal and actually setting aside time to savor it, arranging to meet a friend who makes you feel good for tea, taking a hot bath before bed, doing yoga (obvi!), meditating, crafting, writing, or doing anything that you love just because you love it, going for a walk at lunch time instead of working through it, self-massage when you wake up, etc. On the cute little card you’ll get next time you pop into the studio, you’ll write your self-care action every day for 30 days.  You must take a yoga class at least 15 times during the 30 days (~3 times/week), and participate in one of our two meditation workshops* in order to be entered in the raffle! Completed cards are due Nov 17 and we’ll pick a winner after the last class that Friday. You can start your 30-day challenge as early as Oct 2 (today!) or as late as Oct 17.

Intentional Living Series: Designing the Life You Were Meant to Live

Date & Times: TBD

Instructor:  Christina Young (Certified Coach, 500 RYT)

In this series, Christina will lead you through the process of designing a life of fulfillment, purpose, and alignment with your authentic self. If you feel stuck, underwhelmed by your day-to-day, or out of touch with who you are, this is the workshop for you!

1: You are what you value
Our values are what drives us and makes us tick. They can describe who we are and inform what we prioritize. In this workshop, take time to identify your values, understand how they can set the foundation for your actions and mission, and set conscious goals to build the life you want.

In this session you will:
o identify your core values,
o create a personal mission statement,
o set conscious goals for action

2: Choosing success
Have you ever considered that the definition of success can either be inherited or chosen? Avoid the mid-life or mid-career questioning of purpose by personally defining success and what it means in different areas of your life. During this workshop, get clearer on success by deciding what’s important to you. You’ll develop goals and an action plan to continue your journey to a full life.

In this session, you will:
o define your idea of success,
o get clear on ideas of success in your life,
o prioritize to make it a reality

3: Maximize your potential
Stress in one part of life can impact all other areas, simply by the fact that stress and anxiety require energy. As energy flows to these kind of depleting activities, your energy potential decreases, impacting life, relationships, work, as well as impacting the physical body, including digestion and assimilation. During this workshop, assess different areas of life to prioritize actions to gain access to your full energy potential.

In this session, you will:
o assess different areas of life (wheel of life),
o identify low energy / depleting areas,
o set goals around priority areas

 You can find additional information on Christina’s website: