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Asanas (poses) are the most common way to practice yoga, but there is so much more goodness to be found in this beautiful and transformative tradition. Our yoga workshops are intended to explore the other sides of yoga – self study, meditation, detachment, and discipline to name a few – and help you integrate them into your everyday life. From awakening your creativity to offering tools to deal with stress and anxiety, our yoga workshops will bring your practice to a whole new level.



Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness

Dates: Saturday, June 10
Time: 2-3pm
Instructor:  Lindsay Parmer

We are hearing more and more about essential oils these days, and for good reason! These magical extracts from Mother Nature have a variety of useful applications – from relieving allergies, to easing digestion, to cleaning the home. What’s more, essential oils as aromatherapy can set the tone for your day, boost energy, and completely change your emotional well-being.

Join long-time essential oil user Lindsay Parmer for a hands-on workshop where she’ll teach you how to incorporate these products into your life and answer any questions you may have – from choosing the right brand to the proper way to share them with your kids. $15 (includes a sample of your favorite oil to take home!)

Swan Dive Live!

Dates: June 2-3, June 16-17, June 29-30
Time: 1-4pm
Instructor:  Stacey Ramsower

This is it- the next step.  Learning to embody the impulse of desire is a fundamental step to progressing with your life in a joyful, authentic and nourishing way.  This program is designed for those who want to develop a deep and satisfying ritual to keep their passion for life burning. This is not a workshop, this is a journey- only serious seekers need apply.  Are you ready?
In these modules you will:

  • Learn and implement the basics of Ayurveda
  • Receive an overview of Tantric Philosophy and the nature of desire as a creative force
  • Map the body as a metaphor for life path and self-expression, befriend sensation and emotion
  • Bear witness to your own innate intelligence and learn to embody AND express that force
  • Create a clear and soul-nourishing ritual to enhance creative output and connectivity
  • Build a container/community for your spiritual journey

Module 1 – June 2 7-9pm – June 3, 1-4pm

The Four Levels of Being – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Body Intelligence

This module will focus on connecting to the body’s capacity to ‘hold’ thoughts and feelings as sensation. We will cultivate a stronger sensitivity to the deeper layers of meaning in the body and connect them to our individual life map.

Module 2 – June 16, 7-9pm – June 17, 1-4pm 

Food and Emotional Nourishment

Emotional need and nourishment are often misdirected into our behavior around food and “having” in general. In the spirit of emotional well-being and physical sustainability, this class will focus on daily Ayurvedic ritual (dinacarya) and food practices to nourish body and soul.

Module 3 – June 30, 7-9pm – July 1, 1-4pm

Desire and Devotion – Where Pleasure, Sexuality and Self-Expression Activate Spiritual Awakening

Connecting to our innermost desires through ancient techniques of breath, visualization and sound, module three combines elements of tantra, expressive arts and ayurveda to integrate to your material and spiritual nature.

Individual modules – $185, All three – $500

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Newbie Yogi Workshop

Dates: Saturday, June 24
Time: 2-4pm
Instructor:  Carolina Vennie & Frances Kellerman

In a small class setting we’ll break down the most common poses in a yoga class and help each student achieve a balance of effort and ease as they practice. Over two hours, we’ll cover breathing techniques, standing and seated poses, as well as a little bit of yoga philosophy.

Your reward for committing to this 2-hour session? A free week of unlimited yoga following the workshop! $30/person.

Design a Life You Love

Dates: Sundays, July 16, 23, 30
Time: 11am
Instructor:  Frances Kellerman
It’s time to get clear on what you want and go after it! In this series, you’ll lay out a vision for your most fulfilled life and set bold goals that will help you get there. Over three sessions (and lots of Starbucks coffee!), participants will:
  • Learn core self-leadership principles from a body of work called Lightyear Leadership (formery igolu)
  • Complete the Power of Knowing What You Want for 3 main arenas of your life: Career, Health, and Personal
  • Meditate with Guided Visioning sessions
  • Identify key goals for each arena of your life that supports your vision
  • Introduce declarations and how they keep us in choice about living our vision moment to moment$20/person.