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Asanas (poses) are the most common way to practice yoga, but there is so much more goodness to be found in this beautiful and transformative tradition. Our yoga workshops are intended to explore the other sides of yoga – self study, meditation, detachment, and discipline to name a few – and help you integrate them into your everyday life. From awakening your creativity to offering tools to deal with stress and anxiety, our yoga workshops will bring your practice to a whole new level


Meditation & Essential Oils

Dates: Friday, November 17
Time: 7:00 – 8:00pm
Instructor:  Lindsay Parmer

Join Lindsay for a meditation class that incorporates the calming powers of essential oils! If you’re looking to re-ignite your meditation practice or start one before the holidays, this is the perfect workshop for you.

YogiSomm Saturday

Dates: Saturday, Nov 18
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Instructor:  Monica Townsend


YogiSomm’s mission is to instruct people on the raw utilization of the senses.  When the body and mind are freed from tension, sensory awareness sharpens.  The ability to accurately assess what your senses are experiencing is a skill to be cultivated.  Learning how to methodically taste wine will help you develop a closer relationship with your sense of sight, smell, taste and touch.  Every 3rd Saturday of the month, join in on the fun of slowing down, tuning in and discovering a meaningful connection with your sensorial body.


60 min Yin Yoga, followed by a Guided Wine Tasting Flight + Lite Bites

Each month will feature a unique experience of integrative relaxation.




Newbie Yogi Workshop

Dates: Saturday, November 18
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Instructor:  Frances Kellerman

Curious about yoga? Join us for a 2 hour workshop designed for brand new yogis to get acquainted with the practice. Together, we’ll break down the most common poses in a flow sequence, learn to link breath to movement, use props, and sprinkle in a little yoga philosophy along the way.

$35/person, includes a FREE week of yoga following the workshop