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The journey into motherhood might be one of the most rewarding and beautiful transitions a woman will go through, but it is not always an easy-peasy smooth ride.  Yoga is one of the most effective tools we have to navigate big life transitions such as this one, so we’re crafting an offering of classes specifically for moms to unwind, reconnect with themselves, and feel the support of other mamas going through the same stage in life.

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Prenatal Yoga

Starting June 8!

Pregnancy can be a beautiful yet challenging time for a mama-to-be. This class will help you ease the discomforts of your changing body and prepare you for childbirth through movement, breath, and relaxation. Join us Thursdays at 10:30am.

Baby & Me Yoga

Starting this Fall!

This 45 min class will help you nurture and strengthen your body after childbirth, while offering you the opportunity to connect with other mamas and spend quality time with your little bundle of joy! We’ll incorporate baby into your own yoga practice, and also spend some time loving on baby with massage and movements to strengthen their muscles and improve motor skills. Join us Fridays at 10:30am!
Ps. We know that baby is your #1 priority so you are encouraged to take breaks and nurture/feed your mini yogi whenever he/she needs. Oh, and there are no expectations or judgement on baby’s behavior – cries, giggles, burps, and other weird noises are part of the practice!