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2020 brought challenges we never could have anticipated, and with it, an incredible opportunity to take a step back, reassess our business, and reimagine the way in which we study and teach yoga. Over the last few months, I’ve been keeping my eyes and heart wide open, listening to students, teachers, mentors and friends, observing without judgment or agenda, studying a variety of industries and business models, and slowly putting the pieces together to formulate a new plan for Yogaleena – one that honors the core values this studio was originally founded on, while also acknowledging the fundamental shifts in our lifestyles, interests, and needs as a community.

In 2021, Yogaleena Studio will become Yogaleena School of Yoga – a space for deeper learning, more intimate connection, and meaningful transformation. Learn more about our evolution below, and join us in this exciting new direction!




In 2021, students interested in deepening their practice and integrating the teachings of yoga into their lives will have access to small-group pods that meet weekly – same day/time, same teacher, same community! These pods, limited to 8 participants, will offer students the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills and concepts – ranging from anatomy to subtle body energetics to mastering inversions – and an intimate environment to really connect with and support each other.



Just as we cannot dump a gallon of water on a tree one day an then forget to water it the rest of the month, we cannot expect to truly benefit from our yoga practice if we don’t tend to it, nurture it, and make it a priority. In addition to weekly Pod meetings, students enrolled in Yogaleena School will have unlimited access to our virtual and studio schedule to practice the new skills they’ve learned.



The purely intellectual understanding of yoga is of little value – it must be practiced, experienced, and enjoyed! Yoga invites us to truly savor our time here on Earth, to engage our senses, let our curiosity speak louder than our fear, imagine, create, and connect with one another.

Our monthly events – ranging from “yoga dance party” happy hours to “picnics and philosophy” at the Houston Arboretum, to “craft your own dreamcatcher” workshops – are a super fun and laid back way to get inspired, try new things, and build community with your fellow pod-mates!



The Mama Pod is designed to offer moms a space to reconnect – with themselves and each other – as they navigate this beautiful and often challenging time of change in their lives. Our 90-min weekly Pod sessions will include a delicious asana practice to address any pain and tightness in the body, relaxed reflection, discussion on topics relevant to our collective & individual experience of motherhood, and yoga nidra to prepare for restorative sleep.


We know it can be intimidating to join a yoga studio, so we’ve designed programs specifically for students newer to the practice. Check out our Hatha and Vinyasa Basics Pods, as well as our upcoming Intro to Yoga Series, and contact us for a SPECIAL INTRO OFFER!



This Pod is specifically designed for our Senior students looking to increase mobility, flexibility, strength, and balance. Each 60 min weekly session will include a full-body yoga practice, dedicated time to dive deeper into a specific area of the body, and guided breath/meditation.

Enrollment in this pod includes a monthly Tai Chi class as well!


“Joining the Yogaleena pod with Alyssa on Wednesday nights is the best thing I have done for myself in many years. The yoga flow itself and breakdown of poses gives me confidence and allows me to relax. I’m less worried about getting it perfect because we are breaking it down and taking the time to focus on the small aspects that make big differences. The end result is my best effort, which is my version of perfect. The best part of the pod, though, without a doubt, is our time together as our communal support system. We have 30 minutes each session to support each other and encourage one another to tackle new challenges and leave old battles behind. Delving into the emotional side of yoga and filling my cup with my new yoga community has made a dramatic difference in my week.” – Rachelle Kanack


“The Yogaleena School Pod brought me back to my yoga practice. I had taken a step back from my practice for a couple of years, yet during the last few months I found myself wanting to spend more time being intentional with my movement. Nervous to go back in to a studio with such a long time off the mat, the School Pods have given me my confidence back. I am so grateful for ability to ask questions and try new (and old!) poses in such a supportive environment. Kelsey’s Vinyasa Pod has been such a fun exploration of movement, intention, and education! I am thrilled to be a part of Yogaleena and so happy to have found a home.” – Marie Parisot


“The weekly pod has easily become the best part of my week. Not only do I get a good practice in, I get to connect with other people who are looking to learn more and have fun. We are constantly learning from one another and I love that we don’t take the class too seriously. Yes we are all there to deepen our practice, but we also get to take the chance to laugh and enjoy our time. In just a few classes, I have already begun thinking about my practice in a new way. I have tried poses I never thought I could do and look forward to all of the new ones to come!” – Erika Kalsi