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2020 brought challenges we never could have anticipated, and with it, an incredible opportunity to take a step back, reassess our business, and reimagine the way in which we study and teach yoga. Over the last few months, I’ve been keeping my eyes and heart wide open, listening to students, teachers, mentors and friends, observing without judgment or agenda, studying a variety of industries and business models, and slowly putting the pieces together to formulate a new plan for Yogaleena – one that honors the core values this studio was originally founded on, while also acknowledging the fundamental shifts in our lifestyles, interests, and needs as a community.

In 2021, Yogaleena Studio will become Yogaleena School of Yoga – a space for deeper learning, more intimate connection, and meaningful transformation. Learn more about our evolution below, and join us in this exciting new direction!




In 2021, students interested in deepening their practice and integrating the teachings of yoga into their lives will have access to small-group pods that meet weekly – same day/time, same teacher, same community! These pods, limited to 8 participants, will offer students the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills and concepts – ranging from anatomy to subtle body energetics to mastering inversions – and an intimate environment to really connect with and support each other.



Just as we cannot dump a gallon of water on a tree one day an then forget to water it the rest of the month, we cannot expect to truly benefit from our yoga practice if we don’t tend to it, nurture it, and make it a priority. In addition to weekly Pod meetings, students enrolled in Yogaleena School will have unlimited access to our virtual and studio schedule to practice the new skills they’ve learned.



Yoga is of little use if we don’t integrate what we learn on the mat into our lives off the mat. Our monthly 90-min Practice & Philosophy sessions are designed to introduce yoga philosophy concepts within the context of our messy, emotional, and unpredictable human experience, and help students apply the ancient wisdom of yoga to modern life.



This is a “yoga class meets moms group meets book club” program designed for mamas with kiddos of any age. Our Yogi Mama Pod meets weekly for 60 min of yoga, meditation, discussion, and reflection. Whereas the main focus of our other pods is asana (alignment, anatomy, subtle body, etc.,) the primary objective of the Yogi Mama pod will be to offer moms a space to reconnect – with themselves and each other – and apply yoga philosophy to their own lives. I have leaned heavily on my own yoga practice over the last few years as I’ve navigated the challenges of motherhood. I am so excited to share what I’ve learned with this group, and continue to dive deeper alongside a committed tribe of wise, kind, and powerful women.



We know it can be intimidating to join a yoga studio, so we’ve designed programs specifically for students newer to the practice. Check out our Gentle, Hatha, and Vinyasa Basics Pods and contact us for a SPECIAL INTRO OFFER!



Without the structure of a program and encouragement/support of a community of like-hearted peers, it can be really hard to stay motivated to practice, continue to study, and teach yoga after graduating from YTT. This Pod is specifically designed for yoga teachers who need a monthly boost of inspiration, a refresh on skills such as sequencing/assisting/effective cueing, new techniques and yoga philosophy themes to keep their classes fresh,  and space to realign their personal intentions with their goals as leaders. This pod will also be a space to build community with others who share similar dreams and are ready to support and encourage you as you work towards yours!