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You want to know if it’s going to last? Drive his car into a ditch.

I took Dave’s car for a quick trip to the grocery store this morning. Pulling into the driveway, I cut the turn a bit too wide, heard a terrifying scraping noise, and realized with horror that I had managed to drive the back wheel of his very nice car into a ditch. There was no way to get it out without making things worse, so I sucked it up and called him to come out and help.

He clearly wasn’t thrilled, and he sternly told me to get out of the car and go inside (as if my mere presence would make things worse) but that was it. And after finally maneuvering to get the stupid thing back up on the driveway, he found me doing laundry and gave me a lovable squeeze.

I learned more about our relationship and gained more confidence about us being together forever from this experience than from hundreds of amazingly romantic and adventure-filled weekends.

I think the lovely, fun, and romantic experiences are super important, but not quite enough to guarantee lifetime bliss together. You want to know if you and honey bunny are going to last? You gotta get some messy, uncomfortable, tension-causing and patience-testing experiences under your belt.

How he reacts when you screw up, put your foot in your mouth, and/or are a big pain in the ass will tell you so much more about who he really is, and weather you’re gonna make it in the long-run, than seeing him on his best behavior when everything is going dandy.

The reality is that despite my best efforts, I am notoriously distracted and clumsy…and that’s probably not going to change. I know I will forget our kids at day care one day, leave on vacation without turning the oven off, or crash his car into something else. And if I have any chance of being happy, I need a man that doesn’t lose his shit when I do. I’m not saying he is going to be happy, or that he’s going to tell me that all my faults are so damn adorable (those country singers are full of bs!), but he’s not going to flip out, stop talking to me, or make me feel like an idiot. And that my friends, is relationship gold.

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