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Meet my Tribe: Christina Young

Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve had several people ask me if I wish I had quit my job to start Yogaleena sooner. I’m always tempted to say yes (I mean, who wouldn’t want to be happier and freer sooner?) but I honestly think that jumping the gun might not have been the best decision. I absolutely positively believe that everything we do, every job we take, experience we live, and person we meet, helps us in some way, wether we enjoy or pout our way through it. My time at ExxonMobil was no exception. There isn’t a single skill I learned there that I haven’t needed to bring Yogaleena to life. From sales to marketing, to leading a team and analyzing a P&L, I could not be where I am today without having put my time in.

Oh, and the cherry on top? I met the newest member of our teaching tribe at ExxonMobil! Back in 2013, Christina and I spent about a month transitioning into each other’s roles at the company. In between spreadsheets and sales calls we got solid QT in, and realized we had a tooooon in common. She recently moved to Houston to work at the new ExxonMobil campus in the Woodlands, and lucky for us, spends Sundays teaching the most delicious slow flow class you’ve ever taken in your life. She trained in NY at the Dharma Yoga Center and brings with her a world of knowledge she eagerly shares with students of all levels.

Meet Christina:

ChristinaHometown: Vancleave, MS

Pets: None yet

Hobbies: Checking out farmer’s markets, exploring nature, studying and sharing the science of yoga/healthy eating

Favorite quote: “Your organs are like your employees. Treat them well or they will go on strike!” -Sri Dharma Mittra


Quirky habit: I own (and play) a harmonium. Pic below if you have no idea what a harmonium is!




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