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OMG! Jessica Dodington Joins Yogaleena.

JessicaOMG! As in “OooooMmmm” Goddess, Jessica Dodington, is joining the Yogaleena teaching tribe this April. If you’ve never taken her deliciously flowy classes, you’re in for a treat. Read through her bio below and sign up for her first class this Friday at 9:30am ASAP.  You won’t regret it!

Jessica is native of St. Paul, Minnesota and has been living and teaching yoga in Houston for the past 9 years. Training as a dancer, yoga remained in the periphery of her life for a long time. It took a lot practice and patience before she became a yoga junkie. The connection between breath and body that Vinyasa Yoga provides has altogether transformed her life and opened up a lighter and more spacious way of living – while cultivating compassion and awareness; and building inner and outer strength. Jessica’s classes are creative, energetic, musically charged and are physically challenging. Jessica became RYT certified with the Yoga Alliance in 2008. Jessica has served as an ambassador to lululemon (at the Houston Galleria) and feels truly privileged to share yoga in/with studios, corporate offices, health clubs and community organizations.


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