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8 Simple Steps to Ignite your Creativity

Happy rainy Monday, friends! I hope you’ve been getting a bit more curious about your creative side so far this month. If you’ve been meaning to but still not sure how exactly to invite your inner artist out, I have a few tips for you. Try these 8 simple steps to give your right brain a jump-start:

  1. paint brushesSet aside time for creative fun: What doesn’t get prioritized doesn’t get done. Put creative time in your calendar.
  2. While you have your agenda open, schedule a weekly Artist Date: (Artist Date: n. a solo experience that engages your senses, sparks curiosity, and fills you up with inspiration. Read more about this in Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way.) Weather it’s a walk in the park, a visit to the museum, seeing an interesting documentary at a quaint neighborhood theater, perusing through a bookstore, or shopping at a farmer’s market, schedule it and don’t sell yourself out!
  3. Carry a journal and camera everywhere you go and capture anything that seems interesting as you go about your day. Stepping outside of your home with the intention of finding cool things will help you see the world around you with different eyes.
  4. Get pretty stuff to make pretty stuff. This does not have to be a big investment – you can make beautiful art out of sticks and yarn if that’s what you have! Collect materials that delight you in their colors, texture, and shapes.
  5. When you’re ready to create, set the mood – candles, soft music, a comfortable work station, and absolutely no phones. If you’re a dude, maybe it’s a garage full of tools, a six pack, and the football game on in the background. Whatever inspires you to make stuff ,works.
  6. Set the intention to simply create. Don’t set expectations for the end result, just see where creative playtime takes you.
  7. Start with a small, achievable project. Celebrating small wins will encourage you to continue investing in your creative side. Set yourself up for success by starting with something you can finish in one session.
  8. Repeat as often as possible. Don’t give up, even the most talented artists make 100 ugly things before each masterpiece.

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