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Slow Your Roll

Our intention for October at Yogaleena was to cultivate stillness and really get comfortable with savoring each moment. I came across this brief passage in Mark Nepo’s “The Book of Awakening” recently and thought it was just spot on. I’ve been sharing it in most of my classes this week, and thought it was worthwhile to share it with all of you here on the blog (yes, I liked it THAT much!)

It seems we run our lives like trains, speeding along a track laid down by others, going so fast that what we pass blurs on by. Then we say we’ve been there, done that.

The truth is that blurring by something is not the same as experiencing it.

So, no matter how many wonderful opportunities come my way, no matter the importance placed on these things by others who have my best interest at  heart, I must somehow find a way to slow down the train that is me until what I pass by is again seeable, touchable, feel-able.

Otherwise, I will pass by everything – can put it all on my resume – but will have experienced and lived through nothing.

Good stuff, huh?

So yeah, let’s just take a deep breath right here and take it all in:)



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