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In anticipation of this weekend, a love note from Fran!

Hi Wonderful People!

Fran, here! It is almost 2017 Planning Workshop time!!! (If it wasn’t already clear, I am SO excited for this!)

In anticipation of our upcoming workshop, I am wanted to take a few moments to quickly introduce the body of work that is igolu (pronounced I-Goal-You). Igolu is one of the foundations that I will be building Yogaleena’s 2017 Planning Workshop from this Saturday (11/19) from 2-5pm.

Igolu is a movement of goal seekers committed to creating an extraordinary personal legacy through the power of personal responsibility and integrated leadership.

Woah. That is a lot, right? Did I lose you at Goal Seekers, or Extraordinary Personal Legacy, or Personal Responsibility?

If so…stay with me! This all will get clearer! I promise!

What if I told you that you (yes, YOU! And really though…I am speaking to you) have the power to make your goals your reality and live the life that makes YOU most fulfilled? The great news is that you do have that power. Living into your goals is absolutely possible if you are clear about what it is you want.

In this workshop, we will work through what is takes to be clear about who we are, what we value and ultimately what we want from our lives. From this work, I will be sharing tools with you that help ground you in the present possibility of creating powerful goals and visions that lead you to your fullest life. Doesn’t sound all that bad, am I right?

If right now the concept of visions and goals are a bit too vague. I have included the igolu definitions of what a vision and a goal are. In addition, I also am sharing some of the key concepts of igolu for good measure:)

A vision is a written statement of a moment in time where we are experiencing and picturing a chosen future. It is often sensorial and tells a story of our life in that moment.

A goal is a written statement in first person, present tense and in the affirmative with specific conditions and specific “by whens.”

Key Concepts of igolu:

  • Moment-to-moment, we are responsible for creating our own personal legacy
  • We have the choice to react from the past or respond from the Now
  • The body is innately intelligent; it helps us to be true to ourselves if we listen
  • We must pay attention to the upward and downward spiral and choose to stay above the line.
  • Goals are written from a vision and to support a desired future
  • Goals are written in the first person, present tense. They are affirmative and include specifics
  • Declaration statements “tune” is to be the person that can sustain our vision and fulfill our goals

I have found that this igolu work WORKS. I am so grateful for having the time to share some of it with you! Very much hope to see you on Saturday!

All the love,


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