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Yogaleena Challenge Week 1: Creating Space

Welcome to Week 1 of the #yogaleenachallenge!

Today marks the beginning of our 30 day journey together – a journey of self-discovery, nourishment, creative living, and goal-setting! Taking this first step in committing and investing in yourself is a BIG Deal, and I am sending you a virtual high-five and celebrating your awesomeness already:)

I have found that the ONLY way to drive change is to first create the space for it. Week 1 of the #yogaleenachallenge is all about creating that space – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Out with the stale and old so you can re-fill it with the good stuff (that’s what we’ll cover in Week 2.)

Over the next 7 days, your challenge will be to declutter your environment, mind, and heart as follows:

Clear your physical space: Cleaning up and organizing are not at all my cup of tea, but it’s absolutely essential to live in a space that’s free of junk and visually inspiring. Schedule a few hours this week to work on the areas in your house that a) you’re in the most and b) need the most help. For me, it’s definitely my home office and my closet. If clothes, shoes, and books make it into your pile of things to get rid of, you can bring them to the studio on Friday, Jan 20, for a fun exchange! More details about that in the Upcoming Events page.

Your Instagram Challenge is to post a before/after pic of an area (it can be tiny!) that you’ve cleared out in your home or office. #yogaleenachallenge #createspace

Clear your mental space: Saying yes to something means saying no to something else, so you’ve got to get real clear on your priorities. Take a good look at your agenda and star the commitments you have that add value to your life and circle the ones that you deep-down wish you had not agreed to. If at all possible, kindly cancel the circled ones and work towards setting no more than 3 key tasks to accomplish per day. I also encourage you to take a close look at the mindless habits that are taking up valuable mental real estate, i.e. social media, The Bachelor, complaining/gossiping at work, etc. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you give them up completely, but spending two hours scrolling through Facebook might not be the best use of your time before bed, just sayin’:)

Clear your heart space: It’s impossible to really move forward if you’re carrying around painful emotional baggage. This week, reflect on the people you’re spending time with and determine if they are helping you be your best self or just zapping your energy. Are you hanging on to a relationship that’s adding more drama than joy to your life? Are you making decisions based on peer pressure instead of what you really want? Do you constantly set your priorities aside to take care of someone else’s? And what about your own self-induced emotional baggage? Are guilt, regrets, fear, anger dragging you down? What do you need to let go of in order to feel free and light and ready to embark on a new journey?

Yes, I know, it’s A LOT to ask in one week – but I know you can do it! Need inspiration to get started? Check out these resources:

Documentary: Minimalism (Netflix – highly recommend!)
Blog: Zen Habits Blog:
Book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

We’ll also be working with this theme of decluttering at the studio. Come to your mat with the intention of creating space in your mind and heart by emphasizing a sense of letting go with every exhale. In each pose, aim to create space around the heart area by broadening the chest and collarbones and maybe taking a heart-opening version of savasana (like supported fish pose!) Oh, and don’t forget to join our Free Yin Yoga Workshop as this practice can be especially effective for addressing emotional garbage trapped in the body!

Alright loves, off you go! Happy de-cluttering and see you soon!


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