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May Newsletter

Hi lovelies, welcome to May. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the first year of Lucas’ life is that kids definitely do better within a routine. Ugh, routine. I’ve always associated that word with being rigid and boring, and made considerable efforts to resist routine most of my adult life. One of the main reasons I left ExxonMobil was to get away from the structured, process-oriented,  in-the-box mentality that was, for good reason, encouraged there. I’m all about hard work, but I’ve always wanted to do it on my own terms, at my own pace, under my own definition of success.

However, with a baby, a studio, and a household to manage, I’ve started to realize that there is a certain amount of structure needed in my life, and that routine isn’t synonymous with fixed, rigid, unyielding, or limiting. We often fall into routines that feel that way because we don’t always evolve our patterns as we evolve in our lives and remain stuck in lifestyles that are counterproductive to where we want to go.

Yogaleena has been growing over the last two years, and actually outgrowing the current processes I have in place to run the business. We seem to be going through supplies quicker than anticipated, there’s more classes on the schedule which means more teachers to nurture and more sub requests to manage, there are more students walking in the door, which makes the check-in process difficult for just one person and leaves the studio messier after each class, and we’ve got our 200-hour teacher training going on, which means a lot of my focus has been diverted to developing our trainees.

I want to continue to grow Yogaleena mindfully so that every student’s experience continues to feel unique, special, and tailored to their path even as we scale the business. I also want to dive deeper into the areas of yoga that fascinate me and have the time to develop and share my creative passions, like art, writing, and making dream-catchers, of course. In order to achieve the goals I have set for myself, and more importantly, enjoy doing it, I know I need to restructure the business operations I set in place back when we were a 4-teacher team with 5 students per class. I also need to reassess my habits to support the new demands in my personal life….going to the grocery store on the daily because I don’t like meal-planning, for example, just isn’t gonna cut it anymore!

Change and growth is a three-part process, in my opinion. There’s the catalyst, the change itself, and the new normal. We tend to forget the latter, but it’s critical to establish a new foundation that will support the new goal or life stage, or whatever it is. I have a lot of friends who enjoy running marathons, and I’ve learned that preparing for a race requires a complete overhaul of their normal routines. In order to run 26 and some miles, you need the right nutrition and sleep to fuel you, the right activities to compliment the running, and the right support network to encourage you mentally and emotionally through the grueling process. Similarly, we can’t commit to writing a book if we don’t free up our schedules to actually write or replace endless “Facebooking” with activities that fuel our creativity. We won’t see much improvement in our yoga practice either if we don’t make shifts in our diets, time management, and social networks to support our spiritual growth.

As we begin to blossom this Spring, I invite you to reflect on the following: Do you have the right infrastructure in place to nurture your growth and follow your dreams? Have you fallen into a routine or intentionally created one? And what additional physical, mental, emotional support do you need in order to spread your wings and fly?


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