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September Newsletter: My Birthday Gift!

Hi friends, welcome to September! On the 13th of this month I will be turning one year older, and to celebrate, I’m giving myself the best gift ever!

Before I tell you what that is, let me back up a bit.

This summer, I began reflecting on the next steps for Yogaleena and my own growth as a teacher and business owner. With workshops almost every weekend, over 31 classes/week, and our annual 200-hr teacher training program, we’re clearly running out of space to add anything else…but y’all know that keeping things the same is not my style!  I considered the option of expanding and opening a new location, but after sitting with that idea for a few days, I decided it was a hard no. I then considered the option of moving the studio to a larger space….but our little yoga home is so special, that didn’t feel right either.

Ok, so if I didn’t want to go bigger, what DID I want? To go deeper. I realized I wanted a space dedicated to more intimate connection and personal development. I wanted to challenge myself to teach things I am passionate about besides yoga asana, such as yoga philosophy, mindfulness, and conscious leadership. And I really needed an inspiring place to work in now that I had given up my “home office” to make room for little M.

Since I had cleared my calendar for baby’s arrival, I started looking for smaller spaces to lease around Houston…you know, just to see what was out there. I didn’t have much luck with my online search, however. Everything available was either too expensive, too far away, or too corporate-looking. My vision for this extension of Yogaleena was something like my friend’s office on Richmond and Yoakum, with big windows, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and that magical feeling that our studio has. On a whim, I called her to ask if by chance she knew of anyone moving out of her building.

Her response: “OMG, yes… I just signed a lease for a new office and need someone  to sublease mine by Sep 1!”

Well, well, well…if that’s not the definition of “meant to be”, I don’t know what is!

It has been my experience time and time again that when you’re on the right path, the Universe gives you a little boost and things work out even better than you could have expected. Of course, we are 100% responsible for figuring out what we want in the first place, and more importantly, being present enough to notice and take the opportunities when they come our way. When we do, we’re rewarded with abundance, fulfillment, and joy. In my case, spending time really getting clear on my path forward was rewarded with a cozy and whimsical nook where we’ll be hosting mindfulness and creativity focused classes, book clubs, moon rituals, tea parties, and more. Yup, Yogaleena HQ grand opening coming soon… Happy Birthday to me!

Unfortunately, most of us tend to breeze over the “figuring out what we really want part” and overlook opportunities right in front of us because we’re too busy maintaining careers, lifestyles, and goals that bring us nothing but frustration, anxiety, and self-doubt. This is not about finding a path without challenges or discomfort, but I do believe that the right path offers us a nurturing combination of effort and ease that leaves us empowered, energized, and fulfilled, not despite, but because of the obstacles presented along the way. 

This month, I encourage you to figure out where in your life (or yoga practice) you are constantly resisting or forcing. Do your goals feel like healthy challenges that are in line with your intuition and will support your growth in the long run? Or are you suffering unnecessary, chasing after someone else’s dreams and setting unrealistic expectations for yourself? What would happen if you took step back and got a glimpse of the larger picture…could there be an alternative path that might feel gentler on your soul and more fulfilling for your heart? And what would happen if you relinquished control and just let things do heir thing?

I know that when life seems to be an uphill race that leaves me drained and disconnected, I need to check in with my internal GPS and recalculate. After all, the famous quote by Robert Frost is about taking the road less traveled, not the one with the most amount of suffering:)


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