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What I’m Up To

Hi friends, just wanted to check in to see how you’re doing, and share what I’ve been up to lately (that is, in between moments of wanting to pull my hair out and taking Bella for her 100th walk of the day around the block.)

What I’m reading: Untamed by Glennon Doyle. You guys, this book is rocking my world. I’m so excited to discuss all of the juicy insights from it during our first Yogaleena Book Club meeting on April 29, 6pm. Grab your copy and save the date!

What I’m listening to: Brene Brown’s podcast – Unlocking Us. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Brene…so this one is a given. So far, she has not disappointed.

What I’m learning: I signed up for a free online course from Yale University – The Science of Well-Being – on a whim. Surprisingly, I’m actually taking it! The material isn’t new to me, but I’m digging the academic perspective on happiness and all the data the professor is sharing to back up her lessons. I also signed up for “Exploring your Inner World through the Yoga Sutras” course with Sally Kempton, which starts today! Not free, but I have a feeling it’ll be totally worth it.
What I’m practicing: Well, I’m trying to practice mindfulness! I registered for an intense Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course with Micki Fine of Mindful Living a few months ago, not knowing just how much I’d need it today. I’m not going to lie, meditating and practicing equanimity during a time like this when my mind seems to be on overdrive with stress and worry has been extra challenging. But I’m showing up, and I’m going to let that be enough right now.
On that note, I’m teaching a weekly mindfulness class through zoom! Join me Thursdays at 10:30am – free for YL members and only $10 drop-in for non-members.
What I’m watching: When inspired – lots of Ted Talks. When uninspired: Chopped, Lego Masters, and Community…and a weird show called Oddbods that Lucas loves.
What I’m planning: SO. MANY. THINGS. Yoga + Brunch in the park, retreats, yoga philosophy immersions, etc. I’d love to know what you’d like to jump into once we can all safely leave the house and share space together…all ideas welcome!
Before I sign off, I want to say that whatever you’re doing or not doing is perfectly perfect right now. We’re all experiencing this pandemic differently, and should honor the fact that each of us will probably respond to it differently. This is not abut productivity, it’s about sanity! So keep checking in, keep taking care of yourself, and keep making the next right choice.
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