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Fall Immersion Programs at Yogaleena!

Hi friends, I want to  share with you two amazing programs we’re kicking off in the Fall. Before I dive into those, I want to set the stage by saying that I recognize things are crazy right now, and that committing to anything in a future that feels so uncertain can be tough. 


In my experience as a mom, yoga teacher, and business owner, it’s times when sh*t hits the fan and the world doesn’t make sense that we need yoga the most. As we consider what a new normal might look like for ourselves post-pandemic, we’ll need to do more than simply rearrange what we already know, or we’ll just end up restoring the same systems and lifestyles that weren’t really serving us in the past.

The ancient wisdom of yoga – its philosophy and practices – can provide the new material necessary to rebuild our lives and our world in a way that’s aligned with our true nature and in harmony with each other. The stuff we’ll talk about and explore in this program is as enlightening as it is practical… and applicable to your life right now.

We think we’ve evolved so much over the years that it’s hard to imagine that yoga philosophy – which came about over 5000 years ago – could have anything to offer to our modern lives. But here’s the catch, we’ve evolved plenty on the outside, but on the inside remain as primitive as ever. The same doubts, distractions, emotional turmoil, and ignorance about the spiritual realm that caused human suffering back then, are causing our suffering today. Our samskaras (or deeply ingrained mental patterns), attachment to impermanent things, and misunderstanding of what the purpose of life are still robbing us of peace, joy and meaning. And at the end of the day, thats what we’re all really looking for – purpose, peace, joy, meaning. 

This Fall, we’ll be offering both our 200-hr Teacher Training for students interested in formally teaching yoga, and a new Yoga Immersion and Mentorship program for students looking to deepen their personal practice and apply the teachings of yoga to life – as mamas, partners, entrepreneurs, artists, leaders, etc. Both programs will be offered through a combination of virtual discussions, outdoor practices at the beautiful Houston Arboretum, and limited in-person sessions that allow for safe social distancing. All the juicy details can be found HERE.

I am brining all of me and all I’ve got to these programs. As a mom raising two boys in an unstable social climate, who feels so much pressure to teach them the right things, pass on the right values, and prepare them to navigate a world that continues to get more complicated with time. As a yoga teacher who’s always looking for meaning, for inspiration, connection, and wisdom in the teachings of this practice. And as a business owner – who’s really had her world turned upside down by this. Trust me, no business plan could have prepared me for a COVID-19, and what’s keeping me afloat and sane and moving forward with Yogaleena right now isn’t any of the stuff I learned through my MBA, it’s the stuff I’ve learned from yoga. 

I’ll say it again: theory is nice, but the study and practice of yoga really serves us within the context of our messy, non-linear, emotional and unpredictable human experiences, not outside of them. 2020 has thrown quite a few curveballs our way, giving us the wake-up call many of us needed to stop and assess where we are, who we are, and why we’re here. Lets take this opportunity to dive in, all in, and rebuild mindfully, with precision and purpose, leading with the heart. 

The light in me sees and honors the light in you – let’s help each other shine!


Learn more about our 200-hr Teacher Training and Yoga Immersion & Mentorship Programs HERE!

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