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Although it’s been about 29 years since my family moved from Chile to the US, I confess a piece of my heart remains there…and probably always will. As I celebrate Chilean Independence Day from a distance today (September 18), I thought I’d share a few reasons why this  long, skinny, beautiful country rocks my world!

  1. Wine: Need I say more? From it’s beautiful vineyards to its tasty final product, the Chilean wine game is on point.
  2. Natural Beauty: What other country has a majestic mountain range, a famous desert, a stunning coastline, and striking waterfalls/volcanoes/forests? The natural beauty of Chile never ceases to amaze me.
  3. Pisco Sour: This famous drink made from lots of fresh lemon juice, sugar, Pisco, and whipped egg whites, is De-Li-Cious. On our last trip there, Dave committed himself to trying one from every restaurant we went to in order to perfect our own recipe. He had to get through quite a bit of heartburn, but he succeeded and I’m pretty excited to drink one tonight!
  4. Awesome Weather: Chile’s weather (at least where I grew up in Vina Del Mar) is similar to California’s. Warm dry summers, crisp and refreshing Spring and Fall, and winters that lend themselves to reading by the fireplace but aren’t brutally cold.
  5. Crazy Fruit: There are several types of fruit that are only available in Chile which I love, such as Cherimoya, Lucuma, Tunas (cactus pears), Pepinos and Papayas (different than fruit you find here with the same name – I know, confusing!) Dave laughs at the fact that one of my favorite places to go is the Farmer’s Market, and that at the end of our trips, at least 30% of my photos are of fruits and vegetables. Sorry not sorry.

If you ever get the chance to visit my beautiful Chile, don’t pass it up. Better yet, take me with you!



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