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June Newsletter: Fire

Hi friends, welcome to June!

It’s hard to believe but my littlest, Matias, is almost 2! From a sweet, quiet, almost fragile little baby, he’s become an active, curious, and incredibly strong-willed toddler….our very own Bam-Bam:) This boy does not back away from anything once he’s decided it’s what he wants, and I find it both amusing and terrifying to watch him figure out how to get his way. If you believe that your zodiac sign affects your personality, this is not surprising. Matias, born on July 27, is all fire. And although I can easily become frustrated with this level of stubbornness, I can also relate – beneath my earthy Virgo-ness lies some pretty hot lava (just ask Dave!) Over the years, however, I’ve learned to embrace this side of me and balance it with a healthy dose of self-awareness, mindfulness, and equanimity.

I think most of us, regardless of our sign, are born with at least a little bit of this drive to explore and conquer, to test our boundaries, fearlessly reach for the stars, and leave our unique imprint in the world. As we grow up, however, we either stifle that fire and quit too soon, or we burn out pushing forward even when whatever we’re pursuing no longer serves us. The trick is, in my opinion, to passionately commit to your WHY without getting attached to any one particular HOW.

I knew pretty early on in my corporate career path that I wanted something different. Although I appreciated all of what that world had to offer, I craved the autonomy, creative freedom, and connection to the end product that it just couldn’t provide. The only problem was that I had no idea how to get there from my ExxonMobil cubicle, and the only way to find out was to try new roads, and risk being wrong.

Well, let me tell you something else about us Virgos – we HATE being wrong!

In the end, my desire to find a new way forward won over my resistance, and I dove in. I bought a ton of baking tools and adorable serving dishes when I decided I would start my own catering business. After realizing that was not for me (did not take long!), I invested a ton of energy researching various different TCM and Acupuncture schools, Ayurvedic Practitioner training programs, and life coaching certifications. I wrote a business plan for a dog-walking company, an AirBnB decorating/staging service, and a sort of “ClassPass for kids activities” membership. I considered freelance work or going back to school for Psychology. When none of those felt like the right answer, I looked into being a barista, working at a book store, or taking any other job that would support me financially while giving me the freedom I was looking for.

I kept changing my HOW, but I never lost sight of my WHY.

Five years after opening Yogaleena, the lovely business and community I was convinced was IT for me was hit hard by Covid-19. I confess that soon after we were forced to temporarily close our doors, all I wanted to do was give up, shut the whole thing down for good, and move to Philadelphia to hide out with my parents. Fortunately, my WHY spoke louder than my resistance to finding a new HOW. After months of brainstorming and planning, Yogaleena School was born – a new concept and business model that is rooted in the same values from which the studio first emerged but feels even truer to my purpose.

I’m really proud of how Yogaleena School has grown thus far, but it is still very much a working progress. To be honest with you, it makes me wildly uncomfortable to admit I don’t have it all figured out, to continue tweaking our offer, our schedule, and our platform month after month. But the right path is rarely linear (so brace yourselves!) and my inner fire continues to push me forward in this new direction. As I continue to follow m heart and lead this ship, I have decide to give myself full permission to do the following:

Change my mind (A LOT!)
Learn from others
Ask questions
Try new things
Check in with myself
Trust my gut
I hope this letter serves as a reminder that you too, can and should give yourself permission to do the same. As long as you’re clear on your WHY, you don’t need to have the HOW all figured out. As one of my favorite books I read to Lucas at night explains:

“Your brilliant first flop was a raging success!

Come on, let’s get busy and on to the next!

She handed a notebook to Rosie Revere,

Who smiled at her aunt as it all became clear.

Life might have its failures, but this was not it.

The only true failure can come if you quit.”



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