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Meet Lauren Woods

We’re thrilled to have Lauren Wood as our lead anatomy guru for our YTT program kicking off this Fall. We asked Lauren a few questions regarding her own experience as a YTT student and what she’s most looking forward to this fall.
1. My favorite memory from YTT:
The amazing YL Hill Country retreat and the opportunity to connect with the group in such a beautiful setting.
2. Most valuable advice received:
Use your time in YTT to get clear about why you want to teach and to figure out which style(s) of yoga ring most true to you. Also, the teacher training will fly by. Once it’s over, never stop learning! Your perspective and methods are likely to evolve over time as you grow.
3. Most excited to share with trainees:
An accessible approach to human anatomy and movement
4. What does my personal practice look like:
As far as difficulty level, it varies quite a bit. Some days it’s super gentle and quick and other days it can be quite intense. I’m often checking in with my physical patterns throughout the day and then striving to counter those habits with the poses I choose. For example, I tend to sit or stand with most of my weight on one side, so I’ll spend more time stretching that side. Regardless of the poses, my practice always consists of a conscious decision to stay present in my body, breathe, and feel the stuff.
5. What I ❤️ most about teaching at YL:
At the Yogaleena School of Yoga, it is beyond rewarding to work with the students who are so dedicated to their personal practice and growth. It is truly an honor to be part of such a knowledgeable and talented team!
Lauren 😘
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