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Meet Ash!

Ash Agnite is joining our 200-hour YTT team this year and bringing her magical energy and incredible wisdom to our school. She is currently leading our Restore & Renew Pod on Sunday evenings, and already making a big difference in the way her students feel in their bodies.

We asked this amazing mama, yoga therapist, artist, and chef a few questions about her own YTT expereince as a student and what she’s looking forwrad to sharing with our community this Fall.

1. What’s your favorite memory of your YTT?

My favorite memory of my yoga therapy training was just being able to work with really experienced teachers who were also psycho therapists, physical therapists, trauma specialists, dedicated yoga philosophy students… it showed me how this journey of yoga study can truly take a lifetime or more because there is always something to learn.
2. What is the most valuable advice you’ve received on your journey as a yoga teacher?
The most valuable advice I’ve received is that yoga is meant to be adjusted for the individual and current lifestyle/situation so our practice is always evolving and changing to our needs each moment/day.

3. What are you most excited about sharing with our trainees in YTT?
I’m most excited about sharing my knowledge around yoga ethics, the nuances around that, & talking about cultural appropriation and how we are to honor the South East Asian cultures from which yoga has stemmed from. There is so much to be aware of as a new yoga teacher around yoga ethics and inclusivity that I wish I had been taught in my first 200hr training.

4. What does your personal yoga practice look like?
Currently it’s mostly meditation, pranayama, yoga therapeutic + restorative asana, and some energetic play like inversions or backbends. It changes based on what I need each week or what I can fit in.

5. What do you love the most about teaching at Yogaleena?
What I love most is the ability to be personal with each student and the small class sizes. In this climate I think it feels safer and at the same time I’m able to elaborate more while giving each student the attention they deserve. I love the students’ excitement about diving deeper into their personal yoga study.
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