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August Newsletter: New Input = New Output

Hi friends, welcome to (mid) August! just received emails from my boys’ schools welcoming us to the new academic year, and it hit me that summer is soon coming to an end – eeek!

Normally, I welcome the upcoming change in seasons. I like establishing a routine again after the more relaxed and playful summer months, and feel a surge of creative energy propel me into new dreams and plans for Yogaleena. This year feels a little different, however. Instead of looking forward to the future with excitement, I feel like we’re about to step back into the same uncertainty and anxiety that characterized the second half of 2020.


Listen, y’all, I can’t bear the thought of living through a re-run of the last 18 months! And since our external circumstances won’t be changing as much as we hoped, it’ll be up to us to switch things up- from the inside out. If we want to feel differently, then we have to think, act, speak, and choose differently.

New input = new output.

Ok, so what does that look like in real life? For me, it started with a new cookbook, a handful of new recipes and a new search for interesting ingredients at the grocery store. Next, it was a new podcast for my morning walks with Bella, which sparked new conversations with my friends, which sparked new book orders and new google searches. One of these searches led me to a 4-week yoga & Ayurveda workshop which I just completed, which led me to something really big and exciting….

I’m going back to school – Ayurveda School, that is!

I’ve been thinking about this year-long program for a while but never found the right time to commit to it. The other day, when I landed on their website yet again, something in me just said “hell yes.” This is exactly the breath of fresh air I need to keep going, to keep getting out of bed in the morning and planning new content for my pods and workshops – regardless of what the rest of the year brings my way.

New input always leads to new thoughts, which often lead to new actions, experiences, and perspectives. Learning is the one thing that never gets old, and it just might be what gets us out of this collective cycle of funk.

I sent out a survey to students enrolled in Yogaleena School a few weeks ago asking what they wanted to learn, and I was thrilled with the variety of responses! We’re all ready for something new – to experience, to talk about, to share – and I’m committed to bringing y’all the opportunity to dive deeper into what inspires, moves, and intrigues you this Fall.

Yogaleena School is finally blossoming into everything I envisioned it could be, and I hope you’ll consider stepping out of your comfort zone and into our re-imagined classroom.

You can learn all about our NEW OFFERING HERE.

If the pandemic has taught me anything it’s that time is a gift, not a guarantee, and it is completely up to us how we choose to invest it. I’ll be over here filling my cup with the wisdom of a 5,000+ year old healing system that I know will be incredibly useful as we continue to navigate a world of climate change, disease, stress, and anxiety. What about you, my friends? What will you choose to give your time, energy, and focus to this Fall? How will you make the next half of 2021 make a difference in the rest of your story?


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