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From Fake Pizza to Real Food

Hi friends, hope everyone is safe and well!

I’m going to share something pretty personal with you today, in the hopes it might open up an inner dialogue that might otherwise not have happened.

There, you’ve been warned.

My relationship with food was perfectly normal and wonderful growing up. My mom cooked for us every night and we always made it a point to eat dinner together as a family. For many years, the food I consumed was not only delicious, but truly nourishing for my body and soul.

And then high school happened. Surrounded by girls worried about “muffin tops” and “thigh gaps”, I started looking at food differently by time I turned 17. Instead viewing meals as an opportunity to nourish myself, I saw them as a necessary evil. I started counting calories and obsessing over the nutrition labels of everything I consumed. I didn’t care what was IN the food I was eating. It only mattered what was NOT in it – oil, fat, calories, carbs, etc.

My goal became getting by with as little food as possible so I wouldn’t get fat.

This continued through my first few years of college, and got a little worse since I was now fully responsible for feeding myself. After a night out hanging out with friends, when everyone would get back to the dorms and order pizza, I would instead make myself the following:

Thin sliced 40 calorie wheat bread, toasted with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray (yup, SPRAY!) and garlic powder, topped with a slice of 0% fat Kraft cheese singles.

OMG how I wish I were kidding.

And you know the worse part of all? I convinced myself it was JUST AS DELICIOUS!

I mention this to drive home the point that my disfunction with food was entirely in my mind. I didn’t have any allergies, intolerances, or real restrictions – I was just terrified of gaining the “freshman 15”.

It has been a long journey back to health for me. On the outside, I don’t actually think I’ve changed much, but on the inside, it’ve gone through a hell of a transformation since my fake pizza days.

I have learned a ton about food and nutrition and what being healthy means over the years. But what I’ve had to focus most of my energy on is UNLEARNING all the crap I believed back then.

I’ll be hosting a mini immersion on Saturday, September 25, all about, you guessed it, FOOD!

After a juicy, detoxing practice in nature, we’ll explore the many ways in which what we eat, and more importantly how we eat, affect our overall state of wellness. You’ll walk away with a more wholistic understanding of how seasonality and your individual needs should guide your meal choices, and a list of small, manageable changes you can start implementing right away for a healthier relationship with what’s on your plate.

Details and registration below. I hope you’ll join me!

With love,

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