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Are your habits supporting you?

Hi friends,
I have been pretty uninspired lately. Whereas normally I have 3-5 ideas for blog posts brewing in my head, and at least a handful of new observations and insights written down in my journal for use in my classes, I’ve come up with absolutely nothing over the past 2 weeks.

In those same 2 weeks, I’ve found myself doing two things that are not normally part of my routine:

  1. Playing Candy Crush on my phone
  2. Watching a show called Glow Up on Netflix

I don’t think this is a coincidence, y’all.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that my best ideas don’t just magically appear when I sit down at my computer. Instead, they show up when I’m walking Bella, when I’m cooking, when I’m in the pick up line at Lucas’ school, or watching birds at my new bird feeder, or waiting for Matias to fall asleep at night. Basically, they come to me when there is space for them to come in – and these two seemingly insignificant new additions to my routine filled that space.

It’s not that playing Candy Crush and watching Glow Up are bad, if not a little embarrassing to admit to. They just clearly don’t support me… or my creativity. So, as tempting as it was to continue turning to those distractions throughout the day, and as harmless as they seemed at the time, I had to break up with them for good (after binge-watching the last season of Glow Up to find out who the winner was, of course.)

We often think we need to make big bold changes, to overhaul our entire routines in order to feel different or to achieve different results. But it’s usually the smaller, mindless choices we make every day that get us into trouble. These habits sort of creep their way into our lives and chip away at the time, energy, and space we might otherwise dedicate to what we do want for ourselves – whether that’s better sleep, more creativity, or more fulfilling conversation with our families over dinner.

So, my friends, it’s your turn: what habits are NOT currently supporting you to live your best life? What could you do with the time, energy, and space that’s freed up by letting those things go?


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