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Welcome to Yogaleena School!

The Yogaleena School of Yoga is a space for insightful learning, intimate connection, and meaningful transformation. Our unique programs and classes are designed for students to deepen their study of yoga as a wholistic system of practices and learn how to integrate the wisdom gained on the mat to their daily lives.

We’ve re-imagined how we study and teach yoga at Yogaleena in order to offer a more intimate and individualized learning experience for our students! Our new yoga pods are small groups that meet weekly – same day/time, same teacher, same community – and follow a thoughtful curriculum of poses, techniques, and philosophy themes. Limited to 10 participants, our pods give students the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills and concepts, ask questions, play with props, receive personalized assists, and share their growth with a supportive tribe of like-hearted seekers.

In addition, students enrolled in our school have access to weekly classes and monthly workshops that are designed to support the poses and themes learned in their pods. Led by an incredibly talented and experienced group of teachers, our school offers students the unique opportunity to dive deep into the physical, mental, ad spiritual study of yoga in a fun, cozy, and magical environment.