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The Studio

Yogaleena Studio is a cozy and whimsical, non-heated, boutique studio in the heart of Houston, Texas. Our mission is to offer a retreat from the everyday and a practice that invigorates all of the sense. To us, yoga is more than a trendy exercise movement, it’s a lifestyle that celebrates self-love, creativity, mindfulness, and connection.

At Yogaleena, we view asana and pranayama (yoga poses and breath-work) as access points to a deeper understanding of the self, and the practice of yoga as a journey towards connecting with your own divinity. Flexibility, strength, and balance are all positive side-effects of a consistent practice, but they are not the goal. You’ll find that our teaching style is relaxed, playful, and for all levels, from brand newbies to advanced yogis. Our focus is on intention, mindfulness, and present-moment awareness- the tools you need to boldly occupy your life with purpose, ease, and joy.

We aim to deliver on these 5 core values every single day:

Inspire Creativity & Possibility

  • We guide students through creative asana sequences that are accessible, nurturing and challenging for the body and mind
  • We invite students to play with movement, explore their limits, and allow intuition to guide their daily practice.
  • We practice to carefully curated playlists that enhance the movement, breath, and intention offered in each class.
  • Our studio and brand aesthetic was thoughtfully designed down to the last detail to inspire creativity and promote relaxation.
  • Our boutique is stocked with one-of-a kind, hand-made goodies that celebrate art and thoughtful creation.

Honor Authenticity & Inclusivity

  • Everyone is seen, heard, and valued in our shared yoga home.We expect our students and teachers to show up fully and confidently embrace who they are.
  • We hire for and support diversity in our teaching tribe.
  • We offer a wide variety of classes that support the practice of yoga at any level, frombeginner to advanced.
  • We encourage the use of props and offer modifications to make the practice accessible forevery body.
  • We live our values (not just speak them) and stick to what we do best

Cultivate Intentional & Courageous Living

  • We practice mindfulness, prioritize self-care, and hold space for non-doing
  • We inspire our community to reconsider limiting beliefs, let go of expectations andjudgement, and boldly occupy their lives.
  • We set healthy boundaries for ourselves and respect the needs of others.
  • We don’t let fear take the driver’s seat. We define success in our own terms and follow our hearts/trust our intuition
  • We give back to our community in meaningful ways that align with our values.

Nurture Human Connection

  • We care about and nurture the WHOLE person, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • We practice empathy and compassion with our students and ourselves.
  • We are 100% present when we teach and interact with our coummunity. We stay connected,observe and adapt our offering to the group.
  • We embrace the messiness/complexities/unpredictability of our shared human experience and leverage it to bond with each other.

Facilitate Self-discovery and Self-development

  • We openly and freely share our wisdom with each other.
  • We practice and teach a style of yoga that allows students to learn about themselves on the mat, not simply burn calories or stretch their muscles.
  • We seek out and invest in our teachers’ unique abilities so they can become the best versionof themselves


We invite you to join our tribe of like-hearted individuals who are on a journey to discover the magic they’re meant to spread in this world. See you on the mat!