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December Newsletter: Share the love with your words

Hi friends, happy December! As many of you know, I was in Michigan a few weeks ago proudly cheering on my badass hubby who was selected to speak to students as one of Michigan Tech’s “5 under 35” successful alums. First let me just say, Houston winters do not properly prepare a girl for the […]

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November Newsletter: The Unarmored Life

Hi friends, this newsletter is getting to you a little late because I was enjoying time off with the fam in Vina del Mar, Chile – a place that holds so many of my dear childhood memories and never fails to inspire me with it’s natural beauty (that ocean, tho!) In the spirit of mindfulness, […]

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October Newsletter: The Up Side of Jealousy

Hi friends, welcome to October! Some of you may have noted on the last newsletter that Yogaleena is now part of/co-hosting a book club (if you missed it, get the deets to join HERE!)   So far, we’ve read and discussed two books: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and Imperfect Courage by Jessica […]

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September Newsletter: How we Trick Ourselves

Hi friends, welcome to September! This morning, like most mornings for the past few months, I woke up a little fatigued and headache-y. Although I’m sure the hot and humid Houston weather (and my general forgetfulness around staying hydrated) have something to do with it, when I told my bestie about my less-than-100% am feels, […]

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August Newsletter: Storytelling

Hi friends, welcome to August! I recently watched an interesting Ted Talk about the relentless human pursuit of (and obsession with) happiness. Writer Emily Esfahani argues that since happiness is fleeting, we should focus our efforts on an ultimately more fulfilling quest: meaning. According to her research, the four pillars of a meaningful life are belonging, purpose, transcendence (connection to something bigger […]

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July Newsletter: Minding Our Own Business

Hi friends, hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! These hot, humid Houston summers remind me of summers in Miami, Fl where I lived with my family through my teens. On especially sweltering days, I remember worrying that the little lizards roaming around our yard needed more shade, so I’d build them shelters out of shoe boxes filled with leaves, […]

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June Newsletter from Yogaleena: R&R

Hi friends, welcome to June. I don’t know about you, but this 100 degree weather has me dreaming of sand, palm trees, and frozen margaritas! Summer is almost synonymous with vacation, and man, I feel like I could use one right about now. I don’t know if a single getaway would do the trick, though. […]

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May Newsletter

Hi lovelies, welcome to May. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the first year of Lucas’ life is that kids definitely do better within a routine. Ugh, routine. I’ve always associated that word with being rigid and boring, and made considerable efforts to resist routine most of my adult life. One of the main […]

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April Newsletter from Yogaleena!

Hi friends, welcome to April! Based on my Instagram feed, I think many of us are feeling that green thumb pulse with life as the weather gets warmer. I for one, have been spending quite a bit of time, energy, and money on my garden, planting small versions of what I hope one day will […]

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March Newsletter from Yogaleena!

Hi friends, happy March! Is it sad to say that the highlight of February for me was the Winter Olympics? Ok, there were a lot of other lovely aspects of this past month, but getting a reprieve from regular mind-numbing TV programming has been a treat over the last 2 weeks…. and insightful in ways […]

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