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April Newsletter from Yogaleena!

Hi friends, welcome to April! Based on my Instagram feed, I think many of us are feeling that green thumb pulse with life as the weather gets warmer. I for one, have been spending quite a bit of time, energy, and money on my garden, planting small versions of what I hope one day will […]

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March Newsletter from Yogaleena!

Hi friends, happy March! Is it sad to say that the highlight of February for me was the Winter Olympics? Ok, there were a lot of other lovely aspects of this past month, but getting a reprieve from regular mind-numbing TV programming has been a treat over the last 2 weeks…. and insightful in ways […]

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February Newsletter: Paying Attention

Hi friends, happy February! So we got a new fridge, the fancy kind that beeps when you leave a door open. For most people, this is a cool and helpful feature. For me, it has been the most obnoxious daily reminder of just how many times I do things without actually paying attention. If you’ve […]

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January Newsletter: Keep these 5 things in mind

Hi friends, it’s hard to believe we’re welcoming another year already, right? What’s even crazier is that Yogaleena is turning 2 years old this month, whoa! I remember our opening party in detail – what I wore, how we set up the studio, and how happy and proud my Dad was walking around topping off […]

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Forget about self-improvement

Hi friend! As many of you know, Dave and I have been remodeling a house for what seems like 100 painful years (turns out it was not as fun and easy as it looked on Fixer Upper!)…and we finally, finally moved in last week! As I stared at the mountain of stuff surrounding us after […]

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The Art of Conversation

Welcome to November, friends, a month marked by pumpkin spice lattes, the first peek at holiday decor, and for many of us, lots and lots of family gatherings! At a time when so much of our communication is done via text/email/social media, it’s refreshing to sit across the table from a human being and discuss […]

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30 Days of Self-Care

Hi friends, guess what I did yesterday? I finally had my tires filled with air…after 3 whole weeks of having the “low tire pressure” warning light on. If you know me, this shouldn’t surprise you, I tend to push things riiiight up to their breaking point all the time. I am that person who waits […]

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the power of cOMmunity

Hi friends, welcome to my birthday month, whoop whoop! Aging tends to have a negative connotation in a culture obsessed with wrinkle-free skin and youthful stamina, and I admit there is a part of me that isn’t super pumped about having to add another candle to my cake every year. Luckily, though, I really wouldn’t […]

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August Newsletter: Life is hard and that’s ok.

“When we keep choosing between right and wrong, we spend our energy sorting life rather than living it.” -Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening I have started this newsletter four times and counting, y’all. For some reason, the thoughts in my head this month have been all over the place and I’ve been having a […]

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Freedom: From the Inside Out

Hi friends, welcome to July! I can practically smell the BBQ, sunscreen, and humidity, see the fireworks, and hear “Proud to be an American” in my mind. Ironically enough, on a month marked by a celebration of independence, I admit I’ve been feeling the very opposite of liberated. Turns out, I have placed an enormous […]

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