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Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Basics

This 60 min class is  perfect for those newer to yoga or anyone seeking a refresher on the basics of alignment and the vinyasa flow. This practice will help you strengthen the muscles you need to support more advanced yoga poses, increase flexibility, and improve your breathing – on and off the mat. *Note – this is not intended to be a gentle class*

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“Nadia was great. It was a relaxing class focused on breath and alignment. It could definitely appeal to both beginners trying to learn moves and intermediate yogis wanting to relax. I loved it.” – Student Review

“Carolina is fantastic. She has a knack for explaining poses.” – Student Review

Vinyasa Flow

In this 60 minute class, expect invigorating, creative, and challenging flows at a slightly faster-pace. Building on the skills learned in our Basics class, we will build more heat in the body and start playing with more advanced choreography.

We also offer a 45-min version for busy yogis who want a quick zen break! Look for our Flow on the Go classes on the schedule now!

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“This class was super inspiring, while keeping a nice easy pace I felt energized and stayed present throughout. Yogaleena is a beautiful studio with an amazing staff, amenities and vibrant vibes.” – Student Review

“So amazing. The instructors are fantastic and this class is a perfect escape from the day.” – Student Review


Slow Flow & Meditation

Explore your own practice by moving slowly and mindfully through simple sequences aimed at giving you a deeper understanding of your body and mind. Yoga philosophy is woven into this class so that you can begin to connect the physical to the spiritual elements of this amazing practice, and we end the sessions with a 15 minute meditation practice that will leave you “zenned out” and ready for the best sleep of your life.

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Yoga Sculpt

Pilates, barefoot bootcamp, yoga, light weights…we’ve combined them all in this high-intensity class that will leave you sweaty and blissful. New playlist and routine every month to keep things fresh and your body challenged!

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“Love love love this studio and the owner. Super welcoming and you can tell she puts a lot of thought and effort into her routines!”-Student Review

“This was my first Yoga Sculpt class and yoga classes usually make me nervous because I never remember the poses. Carolina’s upbeat attitude made me feel comfortable and her music was fun so that was relaxing. I also like that there were cardio, ab work, and weights added to yoga. That mixture was very fun. Her class made me really want to become a full member of ClassPass and this was just my first class.” – Student Review

“Carolina is the best! Great instructor and fun, fast paced class. It’s less about yoga and more about strength training, stretching, and some yoga/Pilates style work thrown in. She keeps a fun playlist and a great vibe. Accessible to all levels but still offers variations to allow you to push harder or pull back if need be. Loved it!” – Student Review

“Great energy! The instructor was really awesome Love the location and the decoration inside is so beautiful Was very happy after” – Student Review

Yin Yoga

Yin is a meditative style of yoga that balances the more common “Yang” practices that are characterized by constant movement. Yin yoga aims to stretch the body’s deep connective tissues – fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints – and give students an opportunity to play with their edge, find ease and surrender in discomfort, and explore their own thought patterns more intimately. This class includes a brief meditation, breath-work, and a variety of poses that are held from 2-4 minutes.
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“Nadia was excellent! I sit all day at work so the hip openers and spine twists are great! Tea and cookies are a nice bonus as well. Overall, love the intimacy of the studio and will be back!” – Student Review

Restore & Renew

Relax your muscles, renew your energy, and release any trace of stress as you flow to soft music in a candlelit room. This is a perfect class to re-set for the week ahead as we focus on breath, hold restorative poses with the support of blocks and blankets, and end with a longer, sweeter savasana.
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“Very relaxing – a great way to start the week!” – Student Review


Yoga for Seniors (65+)

This gentle class designed for seniors 65+ will incorporate movements to improve strength, circulation, balance, and flexibility. Over 45 minutes, we’ll work on seated, standing, and floor poses, as well as breathing and meditation to give students a full mind-body experience. Note – a chair will often be used to provide stability and accommodate sensitive joints.

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