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Welcome to Mamaleena!

Mamaleena is a program designed to help mamas find physical, mental, and soul support through yoga, mindfulness, and community-building offerings. As entrepreneurs, wives, and moms, we are right there with you- juggling, improvising, getting our butts kicked, kicking butt, and making the best of this magical yet challenging stage in our lives. If you’re looking for a community of like-hearted mamas to lean on, laugh with, and learn from, you’re in the right place.

About Leanne & Carolina

Leanne is a mom of two, a lover of ice cream, and a Houston-based therapist with a thriving private practice. Carolina is also a mom of two, a lover of chocolate and coffee, and owner of Yogaleena Studio in Houston, TX. With a strong focus on parenting, teaching, and living from the heart, Leanne and Carolina are committed to helping women connect with what they truly want and empowering them to design the life they want to star in.


We believe that taking the time to check-in and connect with ourselves is essential if we want to show up for our kids, our partners, and our lives wholeheartedly.

Our monthly Mamaleena Soul Retreats will offer mamas in all stages of their journey (prenatal, toddlers, and beyond) the opportunity to nourish their bodies, minds and spirits through yoga, meditation, journaling, and group sharing. Each retreat will also feature a guest speaker, and tea/treats will be provided.

We can’t wait to nurture you – body and soul – and build a community where you feel heard, understood, and supported.


Your body will undergo dramatic changes both during pregnancy and after delivery. Yoga is a wonderful way to honor these changes, ease physical discomfort, and develop breathing/relaxation techniques that will surely come in handy throughout this journey.

Thursdays at 7:15pm & Sundays 1:30pm

Scheduled one Saturday/Month

Scheduled one Saturday/Month


Even if your hands are full with little humans, motherhood can feel kinda isolating. Community is really important to us, and we want to offer lots of opportunities for mamas to connect with each other. This element of the program is still in the works, but we’re thinking Coffee Chats, Family Yoga Classes, and more.


Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for details on Mamaleena, designed for real moms by moms who keep it real!