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Alyssa Preston

With nine years of practice and 300 hours of training under her mat, Alyssa’s teaching style brings a culmination of intentional movements and imaginative flows into each practice she leads. Her background in art and design naturally finds its way into each flow through the way she directs the creative energy in the room. Whether it’s a flow, beginner or power practice, she offers an open, light-hearted space for students to connect with themselves, through both the physical and non-physical. After moving through a balanced set of challenging and restorative poses, you’ll be sent off with a well-rested smile from a deep, grounded Savasana.

Tatiana Sharp

In my early 20’s (yes, I’m in my 30’s now!), I struggled with a lot of anxiety. After trying many things that didn’t quite work, yoga was suggested to me as something that could help. I had nothing left to lose, so I gave it a try… and never looked back! A regular yoga practice significantly reduced my anxiety, improved my sleep, and allowed me to connect to something greater.
In order to share this gift with others, I completed my RYT200 certification from Joy Yoga University, here in Houston. Over the years, dealing with (and learning from) various injuries has made me passionate about anatomy and biomechanics. I’m constantly learning new things that influence my classes.
My teaching style is supportive, fun, and methodical. My aim as an instructor is to create space for others to explore, be curious, and learn. Hopefully, my students are able to deepen their connection to self and create more balance (physical, mental, and emotional).
Off the mat, I enjoy reading, going to Astros games, and hanging out with my husband and 2 dogs. I might be a little obsessed with Game of Thrones (the books and the show, of course). My favorite color is pink and I love breakfast food.

Lauren Wood

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the movement arts and connecting with others. Teaching, competing, and performing in ballroom dance for many years resulted in multiple injuries to my back and hips. I had dabbled in yoga classes throughout the years, but in 2012, I really started to experience the transformative benefits of a regular yoga practice both physically and in my overall well-being. The following year I attended my first 200-hour yoga teacher training, eager to absorb everything I could about the practice of yoga and the human body, excited to share this newfound knowledge with my dance students. 

I love learning as much as teaching, and have since completed two additional 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, in addition multiple continuing education courses and workshops. One of my greatest joys and blessings has been being able to witness first-hand how the practice of yoga has greatly impacted my students’ lives – from finding greater function, strength and flexibility to becoming less reactive to stress.

Bailey Robertson

Bailey began practicing yoga in 2012, and teaching in 2017. She is passionate about using movement to cultivate strength, confidence, and a sense of physical and emotional balance. She is also inspired by some of the adventurous challenges that yoga has to offer: she teaches and practices arm balances, handstands, demanding backbends, and transitions that test stability, mobility, presence of mind, and coordination. Bailey’s style draws from and is influenced by many practices: Katonah, Ashtanga, Rocket, Iyengar, and others. She attempts to share a mindful amalgam of all these practices, that, while rigorous, has something in it for everyone. For Bailey, movement practices are equally about strengthening and nourishing both the body and mind.

Kelsey Brochu

I signed up for a 30 day intro offer at my local yoga studio with a coupon in one hand, and skepticism in the other. Not long after, I learned that being a student was merely the gateway into what could become my career and passion. I took to yoga obsessively at first, pushing myself to extremes to conquer aggressive goals, and eventually injured myself (in more ways than one). After some self-reflection and exploration into other physical activity, I began a new approach to my practice and simply focused on the question: “What makes my body feel good?”
I knew I had found my voice when I inevitably turned my experiences into my method by shifting from obsessively pushing the body to extremes to helping students pursue a deeper knowledge about their own bodies, finding self-confidence and working towards the goal of making their body feel better and stronger. I truly believe that we should all be life-long students, so I continue to train and attend workshops to grow my knowledge and regularly bring energetic, refreshing new ideas to the mat. I strive to bring a sense of motivation through authenticity, warmth, and nurturing to every class I teach – you will never feel like a stranger when you step into the room with me!

Loretta Caddigan