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What Our Grads Are Saying…

What our Grads are Saying….

 “I was having a hard time finding a yoga studio I liked when I moved to Texas. After getting the crazy idea to become a yoga teacher, I found Yogaleena’s website and I was hooked – it was like reading my own thoughts about yoga and the pictures showed a welcoming studio with an artistic touch I was drawn to. After meeting Carolina and Fran, there was no question that Yogaleena School was where I was meant to be -they treated me like family on my very first day at the studio.

Kicking off the training with a retreat was so special. It gave my fellow teacher trainees and I time to bond, relax, nurture our bodies and have meaningful discussions. The retreat and every session after it has been a gift. Perfecting poses, learning breathing techniques, studying yoga philosophy, and practicing Ayurveda has made us confident, educated, skilled yoga teachers. Prioritizing self-care and making amazing new friendships has made us better individuals who are prepared to shine light and lead with kindness and compassion.

I’ve heard horror stories about YTT programs with dozens of trainees where it feels impersonal and formulaic. In stark contrast, joining Yogaleena School felt like joining a family. It’s an experience I will treasure for many years to come.”

-Mariah Gardner, 2018 YS Grad

The 200-hr yoga teacher training at Yogaleena has been an exciting , transformative, and irreplaceable experience. I am so grateful for the amount of time and care that Carolina and Fran put into designing this course. Aside from developing the skills necessary to teach yoga, I had the opportunity to learn more about myself and reflect on how I show up as a person, both on and off the mat. Being able to explore anatomy, Ayurveda, and yoga philosophy, all in addition to asana made this training interesting and invaluable in my development as a teacher and person.

The close-knit community that Fran, Carolina, and the rest of the teacher tribe have created is something that is quintessentially Yogaleena – a judgement-free zone. where we all have incredible space to explore and grow. This teacher training has not only adequately prepared me to share my love of yoga with the world, but it has given me the tools to show up fully and authentically as myself every part of my life.”

-Marissa Piazza, 2018 YS Grad

“Carolina and Fran, I cannot thank you both enough for literally creating magic with this course material and bringing in your nurturing energy into the class. None of this would have been the same without all the magical ingredients you brought to this. I don’t think I have told you this before or thanked you directly, but this was a life-changing experience for me. The work we did was so profound, it dug deep into our past, our future and who we are today. It has brought to surface so many things that were pushed under the rug and gave us an opportunity to either get rid of it or nurture it and use it as our strength going forward. I have already seen so many changes within me since that first weekend in March. I find myself much calmer now, much more joyful and not as confused as I was about who I am or what I am going to do with my mission. I am grateful for that moment in my down-dog when I saw the poster in the studio, upside down, but it caught my eye and I am so glad I signed up! You guys did such a great job with us, I hope you realize how amazing you are, and I hope you continue holding this course and changing many more lives. I for one, can barely wait for you to offer the 500hr class next! THANK YOU BOTH!”

-Nawal Mohsina, 2018 YS Grad


“Above all, this training has helped me live with intention and gratitude. My family sees a difference, and more than that, they feel a difference in me. It’s hard to believe you could find so much about yourself at 55! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for both of you ladies. I have a feeling my life is getting ready to change and now I feel ready for it.”

-Suzonne Lawrence, 2018 YS Grad


“I love that I found a sense of community almost instantly. I can’t imagine going through this journey anywhere else. The teachers were all enthusiastic and dedicated to our training, and had a wealth of knowledge to share. The only thing that would have made the experience better is if it could have lasted indefinitely! I would also have liked more philosophy as our Friday night discussions were some of my favorite parts of the training. ”

-Lindsay Blum, 2018 YS Grad