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Studio Policies

We are so grateful (and thrilled!) that so many of you are coming to practice at Yogaleena! As the studio grows, we want to make sure that the quality of your experience remains as magical as always. We kindly ask that you help us with the following policies so that everyone can practice comfortably and safely in our yoga home:

  • Masks must be worn when in studio front desk area, restroom, and prop/water room. Wearing a mask during your practice is encouraged.
  • Sign up for classes online (particularly our busier evening classes) to secure your spot. Our current max capacity is 7 due to Covid-19, no exceptions.
  • Please cancel your reservation if you won’t be able to make it.
  • Door is locked 5 min after class begins, no exceptions. Please arrive at least 5 min before class in order to set up your mat and props.
  • No phones, shoes, or personal belongings inside practice space – we have plenty of cubbies up front and in our back room to store these items safely!
  • Please turn all cell phones and electronic devices that beep/ring/make noise off or to silent mode so that they do not disturb class.

A few other things to note:

  • Unfortunately we do not have a lot of storage space in the studio. Lost and Found items (including mats) are kept for 1 month and then given to Goodwill if not claimed.
  • Children under 16 may not practice without their parent (or adult) or wait in the lobby while parent (or adult) practices.
  • We love pups and kittens and all other furry friends, but we cannot have them hang out in the lobby for liability reasons. Bella (Carolina’s pup and official studio mascot is the only exception:))