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Yogaleena School Pods


Our cozy, small group classes (pods) offer students a uniquely intimate, personalized, and rich learning experience.

Limited to 8 participants, pods follow a specific curriculum and give students the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills and concepts, ask questions, play with props, receive personalized assists, create, discuss, and share their growth with a supportive tribe of like-hearted seekers. The curriculum and focus of each pod is set every semester, but these groups are ongoing, so students can join ay any time.

I’ve been a student at Yogaleena for almost 4 years, and the studio feels like a second home to me. I feel so welcome in the community I’ve found here. As I became a more seasoned yogi, I started looking for an opportunity to grow further in my practice, in a deeper and more technical way. I wasn’t ready to commit to a teaching program, but the pods that Yogaleena School offers were a perfect fit for my needs. The 90 minute practices allow time for discussion and fellowship, as well as a more intense and interactive practice. I’ve already learned new techniques I can apply to my regular practice, and I look forward to continue growing! – Sammi


Our pods and special events all fit under one of 4 categories of interest, all pillars of a healthy, wholehearted life:


The focus of these pods is anatomy, biomechanics, and growing a sustainable asana practice at any level.


Our Radiant Rest pods offer students a weekly opportunity to nourish their bodies through gentle movement, pranayama, and Yoga Nidra. Discussion topics include the chakra system, koshas, meridians, and much more.


Although these classes include a physical flow-style practice, our focus here is on the energetic effects of our movements and how our time on the mat translates to more joyful, creative, and fulfilled lives off the mat.


These pods offer students a deep dive into core Ayurvedic principles that form the foundation for healthy digestion, restorative sleep, and a vibrant, balanced life.

Yogaleena School pods offer a wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into yoga as a whole, to participate in a community of diverse individuals, and to explore all that yoga has to offer in a flexible format. I’ve practiced at Yogaleena for over two years and participated in Bailey’s amazing pod, and I see this as a natural evolution into a greater form. Yogaleena has always been a unique studio, and this new school structure just expands and affirms the magic of this special space and community.   – Paige


Although the main focus and style of yoga practiced in our pods might differ, we aim to provide the same quality magical experience, whether you are practicing at home or at the studio.

All of our pods include:

  • Thoughtfully sequenced asana practice
  • Dedicated time to dive deeper into a specific pose, transition, skill or theme and ask questions
  • Small group discussion or guided individual reflection
  • Next-level savasana (blanket, eye pillow, aromatherapy – the works!)

Pods are not your average yoga class…they are an incredible opportunity for discovery, connection, and transformation.

Students enrolled in Yogaleena School will also have access to the following:

  • Monthly outdoor yoga class at the beautiful Houston Arboretum
  • Monthly New Moon Rituals and Candlelit Crystal Bowl Sound Baths
  • Weekly inspiration email with additional tools, tips, and resources


Effective September 1, students enrolled in our school will have unlimited access to everything we have to offer – all of our pods & special events! Instead of complicating things with a variety of pricing options, we’ve got a single monthly membership available, which unlocks an incredible opportunity for you to follow your curiosity and deepen your practice.

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Awesome!

We invite you to try all of our pods and join us for our first New Moon Ritual and Sound Bath during our Yogaleena Open House Week on September 6-12, 2021!

For only $35, you’ll get to experience all of the magic we have to offer.  Purchase Your Ticket HERE and reserve your spot(s).

Regular price for our Unlimited YL Membership is $175/mo. If you enroll before September 13, you can lock in the rate of $155/mo!



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