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Bailey began practicing yoga in 2012 in her hometown of Long Beach, New York. She enjoys teaching and practicing imaginative, feel-good yoga sequences, energized by breath work and a sense of humor. Off the mat, she enjoys writing poetry, cartooning, exploring the city, and befriending dogs.

Cali hails from equal parts New Mexico and New Jersey, but credits the city of Austin, TX for sparking her passion for yoga. Cali’s goal as a teacher is to inspire others to begin or continue to grow in their own yoga journey. With intention to create a space to unwind from the everyday pressures of reality, Cali incorporates uplifting music, vigorous and empowering movements, and offers a renewing and energizing class.

When it comes to teaching, Courtney is passionate about students being able to find what works in their own bodies instead of having a “one size fits all” approach. She’s a firm believer that yoga is for EVERY BODY, no matter what age, size, or color, every single person can benefit from a yoga practice. Off the mat, you can find Court tending to her many, many plants, taking beautiful photos, testing out her latest healthy and delicious recipes, or writing on her blog: Sweet Miscellany.

Carolina is the founder and owner of Yogaleena. She has a passion for teaching the practice of yoga in a down-to-earth way that acknowledges the messiness of life as a tool for connection and introspection. Through not-too-fast vinyasa flows that are fun and fluid, Carolina helps students release tension, breathe deeper, tap into their own creative powers, and leave the studio understanding just how freakin’ amazing they already are.

Jane has a passion for helping people; it’s in her nature as a former ER nurse and now Nurse Practitioner. Through thoughtful and inspired sequences, she aims to help people get out of their heads and into their bodies. Her yoga mantra: take what works and leave the rest! You can find Jane snuggling up her new pup in her spare time.

Experiencing first-hand how vital yoga can be in times of healing and transformation, Loretta takes a therapeutic and sustainable approach to teaching. She offers a safe and nurturing space for her students to dive deep into themselves, at any level they wish to seek, and reach opportunities of self exploration so that they arrive to their fullest potential in their practice and lives. Having studied in a variety of styles such as Vinyasa, Yin and Prenatal; Loretta’s classes are a compilation of her teachings and move at a comfortable pace with intention of breath.

A lifelong (outdoor) runner, Jenna was led to yoga by the Houston heat in 2014 and quickly became addicted to the sense of balance she found in her practice. Eager to share this joy with others, she completed her 200-hr teacher training in 2016. Jenna’s focus is primarily on technique and self-reflection to help yogis build a strong, stable foundation, both mentally and physically. In her classes, Jenna aims to create a mindful, supportive environment to help students find joy and ease in their bodies, both on and off the mat.

As a self-described type A personality, Kyra found yoga as a way to calm down, reconnect, and just have a little fun. Kyra’s classes are characterized by a physically challenging practice that mixes creating a calm sense of grounding with a fun, playful attitude. She teaches powerful flow based classes that are aimed at strengthening and at the same time restoring the body. Besides teaching yoga, you can find Kyra whipping students into shape at Citizen Pilates, running, and enjoying time with her 3 boys (hubby and 2 pups!)

E-RYT 200 hour Yoga teacher, dancer and acrobat, Nosa Edebor has traveled the world training and teaching his love of connection and movement as one half of the teaching duo Nosie Yogi along with his wife and partner Susie Edebor.

Nosa found yoga while training professionaly as a dancer to help find balance in body and mind. Becoming a certified AcroYoga teacher and an integrated Vinyasa based yoga teacher, Nosa has taught in over 2 dozens countries on 4 continents. His classes are a mix of all his passions and are a fun and progressive way to explore your practice.

Indre first sought out yoga to address weakness and numbness in her legs from years of athletic activities and dance. Amazed by the power of the practice, which not only healed her physically but also deeply served her mental and spiritual wellness, Indre decided to pursue her teaching certification. As an instructor, she strives to be highly attentive to individual students’ needs and focuses primarily on strengthening the body. Aside from sharing her passion for Hatha Yoga, Indre is a talented tango dancer and teacher!

With specialized training in vinyasa, yoga for athletes and bilingual yoga, Nicole believes that yoga is a pathway to not only physical strength, but also a way for us to become more mindful and creative beings. She loves teaching slow and creative flows along with bringing the elements of meditation, mindfulness and creativity to her classes. Currently, Nicole is pursuing her 500 hour advanced training in alignment-based vinyasa with Yogamaya in New York City. Connect with Nicole and learn about her latest yoga+art fusion event on her website, #artyogaplay.

Teresa is a life-long student of yoga with over 20 years of teaching experience. Yoga is essential to keeping balance in her busy life and she strives to impart the essentials of this learned balance to her students. Teresa weaves humor and ease into her instructions, making the practice more accessible and repeatable. In her spare time, she enjoys time with family and friends, city life and the outdoors.

Brittany believes that yoga is a metaphor for life and how we react to it– a medium for learning one’s deepest truths and dealing with emotions that arise from moving different areas of the body.

In her classes, she offers students a safe space to feel empowered with their bodies and embrace their journey. Through well-rounded sequences of movement, she helps students release blockages in their bodies  and achieve a state of peace, clarity, and ease that they didn’t have when they walked in.

Jenn is a student of life. She has traveled abroad, and lived in many locations within the United States. Her appreciation for history, tradition, health, well-being, and human behavior led her to yoga. This way of life allows her to connect with people by honoring them where they are and providing them a safe place to explore themselves emotionally, physically, and spiritually without judgment.

Jenn brings a welcoming warmth, humor and connection to every class. Every day is different and every flow is different, but by including essential oils and an awareness of the rhythm of the seasons, she fosters an environment of growth and self-forgiveness on and off the mat.

A Washington, D.C. native, Farrah has been practicing mindful movement, meditation and yoga since 2004 as an undergraduate at Georgetown University to cope with grief after losing her parents to heart failure. Mindfulness, yoga and pranayama have guided her to live and practice a healthy lifestyle that yields longevity. Farrah studied Ayurveda and Thai massage while receiving her Masters in Public Policy from UT-Austin and while Farrah taught political campaigners yoga, she realized that she wanted to devote herself full-time to guide busy professionals to relax their bodies and minds with their families.

Practicing since 2014, Maci initially started yoga as a form of exercise no knowing what the impact would be on other areas of her life. Her love for yoga has grown over the years as she continuously discovers the many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that she sees on and off her mat.  Maci moved to Houston in 2019 and is a 200 hour Yoga Teacher graduate through Yogaleena School. With a gymnastics and dance background her classes are designed to flow and strengthen, with emphasis on alignment and technique.  Maci strives to create a safe space for students to express themselves and encourages playfulness, self-discovery, vulnerability, and confidence.

As a teacher with certifications in vinyasa, restorative, and Katonah Yoga ©, Brittany is known for her unique style of guidance which relies on practical, functional, intelligent practices that lead to health and longevity. Her classes rely on eloquent metaphors, intelligent sequencing, and supportive hands-on assists. She draws inspiration from a wide variety of influences including her studies of yoga, dance, improvisation, literature, philosophy, psychology, and Taoist theory. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Brittany attended the University of Georgia where she studied Journalism and French. She lived in France and New York City before settling in Houston. She currently teaches high school English and rides her bike to work.

Tatiana came to yoga looking for a way to get active and reduce stress, not knowing it would change the rest of her life. For her, a regular yoga practice significantly reduced anxiety, improved sleep, and allowed for a connection to something greater.
In Tatiana’s classes you can expect to experience a different theme each week – including an intentional sequence, optional aromatherapy, and a small dose of philosophy. She knows what it feels like to be suffering from imbalance (in mind, in body, and in spirit). As an instructor, her aim is to create a space for others to move towards their balanced state.

Originally from Russia, Ula moved to Texas in 2001. Here in Houston she found her teachers and a new passion of helping people to feel better. In 2012, as a mother of two little kids and a teenager, Ula fully discovered the power of yoga. For her, it became the life-saving access to get away from the enormous stress of single parenting and chronic low back pain.
Ula completed 200 hours of training with Robert Boustany and two Yoga Better teacher trainings with Andrew Dugas. She is also licensed massage therapist. Her classes are fun, safe and open for everyone looking to experience new freedom from constraints by strengthening  the body and learning to truly relax.

Initially seeking refuge from anxiety, Kara began a serious and consistent yoga practice in the summer of 2013.  She was quick to fall in love with the physical, mental and social benefits she was able to explore by showing up, holding space and exploring her curiosities on the mat.  In a quest to share the personal benefits of yoga that she experienced, Kara began to teach yoga full time upon completion of her 200-hour teacher training in August 2016.
A huge proponent of proper form and technique, Kara’s classes are organized and incorporate the use of props to guide students into stable and effective yoga postures.  Students in Kara’s classes are also encouraged to calm and ease their minds through the use of guided breathwork and meditation techniques.